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SY-994 Engine Order Telegraph for Twin Engine

SY-994 Engine Order Telegraph for Twin Engine

Update Terakhir 09 / 04 / 2022
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Detail SY-994 Engine Order Telegraph For Twin Engine

Spesifikasi Peralatan Elektronik Kapal SY-994

1. Communication: It adopt SDT Serial data transmission technology, which makes the process of signal transmission between transmitter and receiver not be interfered by the external environment.

2. Show: It shows both sides' working conditions. When transmitter sends signals to receiver, corresponding indicator light will blink with audible alarm until receiving feedback from the receiver, then the indicator light return to be normally on and no audible alarm. And it will return to its original state after transmitter give response to this feedback from receiver and then indicator light will be off.

[Repeat the same steps, when the Receiver gives signal transmission to transmitter.]

3. No-power Alarm:

When the main power supply has no power, it will automatically switch to emergency power supply, and the corresponding indicator light will blink to alarm until the main power supply returns to normal operations.

4. Light-dimming: Adjust indicator light's brightness as user's requirement.

5. Misoperation alarm:

When operating errors between transmitter and receiver occur, the red corresponding indicator light will blink to give warnings.

6. Fault: when the transmitter or receiver breaks down or failure to work, user can press the fault button to make signal transmission to inform opposite side.