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Ionization Smoke Detector HC-202A (Alat Pendeteksi Asap)

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02 / 12 / 2020
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Detail Ionization Smoke Detector HC-202A (Alat Pendeteksi Asap)


Ionization smoke detector responds to smoke. It has an ionization chamber inside. The ionization chamber with ions in it will generate a constant, small electric current.When smoke enters this detector, the smoke particles attach to the ions inside the chamber and neutralize them. That will cause the current inside the chamber drop, therefore trigger the detector alarm.


  • 12VDC input power, can be combined with security/ burglar system
  • Relay contact (1A) : N/C (normal/close); N/O (normal/open) alternative.
  • With a button on the surface, when the detector alarms, the LED signal will hold until press the button.
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