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SY-150A Automatic Battery Charger

SY-150A Automatic Battery Charger

Update Terakhir 11 / 04 / 2022
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Detail SY-150A Automatic Battery Charger

Spesifikasi Battery Charger SY-150A

It is specially designed for the unstable voltage and frequency of marine generator sets. It adopts the latest integrated electronic circuits which is low-loss, high-power, high-frequency, and can adapt to wide voltage and wide frequency input.
Advantages: constant current and constant voltage. Set the current and voltage according to the battery capacity, so that the battery will not be damaged due to charging overload. The charger will automatically stabilize the voltage, and the battery will become an auxiliary function, so that the battery can extend the service life, and can also be used as a regulated power supply to control the DC voltage of the ship, also can stabilize the voltage around 28.5~31V. The internal resistance of the product is made by the long charging wire, which affects the charging current. Therefore, a battery terminal voltage detection circuit (a detection line is added to the two main lines) is added to detect the voltage across the battery to stabilize the charging current.

- Input voltage : AC160-360V
- Output voltage : DC27.5V~31V
- Efficiency : ≤85%
- Maximum current : 20A
- Working temperature : -10~50. C
- Output voltage : 24V (27.5~31V) adjustable
- Output current : 0~150A
- Battery type : Lead acid battery