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Fixed Temperature Heat Detector HC-407A

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14 / 10 / 2020
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Detail Fixed Temperature Heat Detector HC-407A

On the surface of the fixed-temperature(60° C) heat detector is exposed a temperature-preset sensor and a piece of metal that can increase the heat-receiving. When the fire makes the room temperature rise gradually until the temperature has risen and reached the preset point of alarm temperature(60° C), the alarm is initiated.


  • With dual LED, easy to observe state of detector.
  • The dual LED light up constantly when the detector alarms.
  • With large metal surface to expose the air to sense the temperature.


Voltage 24VDC System from Panel
Alarm temperature 30±5℃
Standby Current 0μA
Alarm Current 60mA
Suitable Temperature -15~50° C
Suitable Humidity 0~95% RH
Size 103mm x 44mm
Weight 120g
Material Fire-resisting ABS material
Joint Contact Copper (zinc-plated)
Color Ivory White
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