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Embarkation Ladder/Pilot Ladder (Tangga Kapal)

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23 / 07 / 2020
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Detail Embarkation Ladder/Pilot Ladder (Tangga Kapal)

Detail Embarkation Ladder/Pilot Ladder (Tangga Kapal)

The Pilot Ladder and Embarkation Ladder are mandatory marine safety equipment on every ship, which are used for embarkation and disembarkation, pilot ladder is used for pilot and crew’s getting in and out the vessel in general situation, it has spreader which is different from embarkation ladder; embarkation ladder is used during the emergency situation for crews getting in and out from survival craft.

Size of Step : 525*115*25 mm
Size of Spreader : 1800*115*25 mm
Length : 3-15 m

Embarkation Ladder/Pilot Ladder/Tangga Kayu/Tangga Monyet/Tangga Kapal/Tangga Marine/Tangga Laut/Tangga Standar Solas
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