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Benetech GM 130 Alat Ukur Ketebalan Cat

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08 / 02 / 2023
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Detail Benetech GM 130 Alat Ukur Ketebalan Cat

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge ( Thickness Meter ) possesses the following features:
1.Upper/lower alarm setting
2.Data storage/deletion
3.Measuring sound velocity、
4.LCD backlight display
5.Low battery reminder
6.Automatic shut-down

1. Measuring range: 1.00 to 300.0mm(steel)
2. Accuracy:±(1%H+0.1mm)
H denotes the measured thickness
3. Working frequency: 5MHz
4. Resolution:0.01mm(1.00 to 99.99mm) 0.1mm(100 to 300mm)
5. Minimum limit for tube measuring(steel):
φ15*2.0mm( φ6mm transducer)
φ20*3.0mm( φ10mm transducer)

6.Sound velocity range:1000 to 9999m/s
Thickness≤25mm, accuracy of velocity:±1.25mm/Hx100%
Thickness≥25mm, accuracy of velocity: ±5%
7. Operating environment :
Operation temperature: 0 to 40℃
Relative Humidity: <90%
Do not apply in violent vibration / erosive material
Avoid impact and humidity
8. Power supply:1.5V AAA * 3 PCS
9. Weight:223g
10. Size: 72*29*146mm
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